It's time to CELEBRATE!

We wanted to take a moment to share with you the amazing report from our summer camps that took place in the Heartland District this year. Below you will see the reported spiritual experience numbers from our camps, along with attendance numbers.

As these numbers tell the story of the work God began in the lives of many campers and leaders, we believe that the move of God experienced this summer will continue to resonate in incalculable ways for many years to come! GOD IS GOOD!

We also want to take a moment to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the directors, leaders, pastors, interns, teen helpers, volunteers and prayer partners who contributed to our summer camps this year. The Kingdom of God is GREATER today because of you!


940 Campers in Attendance

412 Leaders Leading Our NextGen

9 Camps at 4 Campsites

$16,009.55 Raised for FMI Missions

304 Commitments to Christ

114 Baptisms of the Holy Spirit

209 Healings

62 Callings to Ministry


There is simply no environment quite like Camp. Regardless of the setting or season in which the Camp Program takes place, Camp is a catalytic environment for true-life transformation. It provides a setting where students disengage with the distractions of everyday life and engage with God in His creation.

Students experience powerful worship and faith-filled teaching that draw them into a deeper relationship with Jesus. The activities are intentionally designed to foster community and encourage team building.

Our camp programs compliment the local church ministries by creating launching points from which ministries can accelerate from. Simply put, #CAMPMATTERS.

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