August 2017: Reaching Families With Disabilities

In this month’s Practitioner’s resource, Brett Fischer shares his passion for reaching families with disabilities, and offers ways your ministry can begin to think incarnationally towards these families and individuals with special needs.

Five Ideas You Can Implement This Week

1. Provide a sensory object for kids to play with during quiet times in your service. For instance, offer a squishy ball (that is even allowed during the lesson time) for a kid or student with special needs.

2.  At your next outreach event, host a wheelchair cleaning in addition to whatever you’re doing.  Wheelchairs can be hard to keep clean because of so much use.  But taking time to throughly clean someone’s wheelchair can be real ministry.  Almost like washing someone’s feet!

3.  Often kids or students with special needs thrive on routine.  So if there’s a change, even slightly, in your schedule, call the parent ahead of time to let them know ahead of time, so they can prepare their son/daughter.  Even something as simple as starting class outside or in the gym can be very difficult if someone is used to starting in a classroom.  Instead, take 5 minutes to call the parent so the kid/students is prepared when they arrive at church.

4. Find a buddy! Ask a couple peers in your ministry to be buddies for kids with special needs.  And then introduce them to the family & allow the parent to give them pointers for how to make church great for their son/daughter.

5. Most importantly, pray!  Ask the Lord for wisdom and discernment.  Offer your ministry as an extension of His hand to those with disabilities and as a refuge for their families…then watch what He will do.

“Five Ideas” contributed by Natalie Werking

Brett Fischer

MPT, CEO | Victory Lane Camp

Brett Fischer, MPT, CEO— Brett founded Victory Lane Camp when, as a physical therapist, he recognized that families needed to be strengthened not just physically, but also emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. He’s found joy in building an organization to help families discover the power of a community.

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