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Did your church receive its return of the tithe deposit on Friday, October 27?

As Glenn Burris said in his letter to you, “Re-imagine was the target we chose as a movement. We believed if we aligned everything to the Great Commission, and restored the trust in local leadership to invest resources where they should be spent to advance the mission, that God would honor our efforts. As we invest kingdom resources back to you, we are seeing incredibly innovative and responsive leadership everywhere.”  How do you plan to invest your return of the tithe dollars in your community?

To date, Heartland District churches have received nearly $700,000.00 to invest in their communities.

We have heard encouraging stories of how the local church saw a need and is fulfilling that need because of the return of the tithe dollars it receives.  I call it, “My church has left the building!”

Two pastors shared at our District Conference how their church has left the building to be the church in their community.  Pastor Jim Becker from New Castle, IN saw a rising drug problem in his town.  Church leaders came to him with the idea to purchase a home and establish a discipleship program for individuals with substance abuse and other life-controlling issues.  Freedom House Ministries is a residential discipleship program where lives change and people discover their purpose for living.  The church had to gain favor from the community to establish the residence and now they are seeing great success with its first graduates of the program.

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Pastor Chris Radke, NextGen Pastor from Clinton, IA, shared about their “Donut Squad”.  Pastor Chris approached his senior pastor, Jim Machen, Jr., a couple of years ago about his idea to encourage youth in the their community.  As much as Chris tried to gain permission to start an outreach in the schools, area principals denied him.  So, he decided to greet students on their way into school with a high five and a donut.

What started at one school entrance has now expanded to four area schools and before the end of this year they will have handed out their ten thousandth (10,000) donut!  Pastor Chris says, “School leaders now call me the “donut man” and ask me to assist troubled youth.”  Pastor Jim says what he has noticed is the change in the teachers.  When school starts they seem to dread the students returning, but now teachers are standing alongside the donut squad to give their students a high five and welcome them to school with a smile.

Other churches have found new influences in their community through VBS, Back to School supply drives, Harvest festivals, etc.  What I find discouraging, though, is that Heartland District Churches have left over $33,000.00 on the table.

This means churches, which have tithed, were not eligible to receive their return of the tithe because they have not completed their monthly reports.  I encourage you to keep up on your reports because it can make a difference on the impact you can be having in your community.  I want our churches to receive every dollar they are eligible to receive.  If you ever have questions or need help with your monthly reports, please contact Lauren or I at the District Office.

You can find all of our administrative resources on the Foursquare website in the Admin Toolkit by clicking here

NEW RESOURCE AVAILABLE:  I want to highlight a timely new resource available to our churches to prepare your congregation how to respond in the event of an active shooter situation.  The Active Shooter Training for Churches is available on the Foursquare website and is a 40 minutes training that should be viewed by all of your leaders: www.foursquare.org/activeshooter

Written by Heartland District Administrator, Eleza Miller

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