In all this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong. Job 1:22 (NKJV)

In chapter one of Job, Job lost all of his property, all of his servants, all of his livestock, and most devastating of all, Job lost his children–both sons and daughters. Job lost everything in one day.

And in verse 22 the Bible says: In all this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong.

In chapter 2 of Job, Job lost his health. He was struck with painful boils from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head (Verse 7) and Jobs wife, was so devastated with all this loss, she questioned why her husband wasn’t mad at God. She encouraged him to curse God and Die (Verse 9). So now, not only has Job lost everything, but he has also lost the support of his wife’s faith.

And the Bible says in Chapter 2 verse 10: In all this Job did not sin with his lips.

When Job’s friends came to console him, they looked at his physical condition, all he had lost, and they just couldn’t accept the fact that he was innocent. They attributed all his loss to God’s judgment. His friends, with many “right sounding” words were attacking Job’s character and demanding that repentance was necessary for Job to regain God’s favor. Job knew he was in right standing with God. He refused to give into any self-condemnation. He says in chapter 27 verses 3-4, “As long as my breath is in me, and the breath of God in my nostrils, 4 My lips will not speak wickedness, Nor my tongue utter deceit.”

Job was not going to repeat the words or come into agreement with the false accusations of his friends. He goes on to say in verses 5…Far be it from me That I should say you are right; Till I die I will not put away my integrity from meHe knew the importance of aligning his talk with the Lords talk.

Job was not going to allow the adversary to rob him of his confidence. He knew that if he came into agreement with the accuser, he would lose the battle.

Not only did Job refute the accusations, he openly declared his “Right Standing” with God and refused to allow self-condemnation to enter his heart. He says in verse 6, “My righteousness I hold fast, and will not let it go; My heart shall not reproach me as long as I live.”

When I consider the devastation of Job’s losses, I am taken back by his integrity. Job didn’t blame God, he didn’t curse God, and he didn’t dishonor God.  In all this Job did not sin with his mouth.

But Job didn’t stop there. Job also prayed for his friends.

These friends who questioned his integrity, who accused him falsely, these friends who used words that cut and hurt Job deeply. He didn’t curse them, but rather, Job prayed for them. The results….? 

Job 42:10 (NKJV)
And the LORD restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.

Job 42:12 (NKJV)
Now the LORD blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning…

When job prayed for his friends, the Bible says that the Lord not only restored his losses, but the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before. DOUBLE.

In ministry, we have the pleasure of seeing many miracles. We get to witness many victories as people turn their lives over to Christ and learn to walk in His ways. But as ministers, pastors and leaders in the Church, we also suffer much loss and undergo much pain when those we’ve invested in, choose to walk away and take their own path.

Today, I took the time to pray for all those “Friends” I have lost over the years. Those who have hurt me, criticized me, those who have questioned my motives and my integrity. Those who have falsely accused me and said all kinds of evil against me.

Today I took the time to pray for them as God brought them to my remembrance. Today I am standing in alignment to receive double blessings in my life and ministry. My heart is free and my vision is clear. My latter days will be more blessed than the former days.

Today I declare DOUBLE to be poured out over your families and over your finances. I declare multiplied blessings to be released over your churches and over your ministries.

Double anointing. Double attendance. Double influence.

Today I declare Isaiah 61:7 over all the churches and leaders in the Heartland District:

Isaiah 61:7 (NKJV)
Instead of your shame you shall have double honor, And instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore in their land they shall possess double; Everlasting joy shall be theirs.

Vic Prietto

Senior Pastor Living Way Foursquare Church | Michigan City, IN
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