Hebrews 11
Vs. 1
Now Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see
Vs. 3
By Faith we understand that the universe was formed at Gods command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.

So many times in my life of almost 37 years, I look at my circumstances for what they are: joy, sadness, full, empty, etc. Yet, it’s often hard to have a “Faith Perspective” in this life we live. There have been countless times in my walk with Christ that I have said, “God I know you see me, but I live in ‘Reality’, where are you?”

It’s in those moments the Holy Spirit will remind me of a luncheon I had with a young woman from our church that my husband and I were on staff for in Florida, almost 7 years ago. We sat in a booth at a BBQ restaurant talking about life and how she was struggling. Her husband had just lost his job and she had just gotten a new one. They had 2 little boys and she was quite concerned for their well being and their finances. I remember reaching across the table to take her by the hand and saying, “Perspective is key in this.”

She kind of looked at me funny in that moment. Now don’t misunderstand me, I know we live in a real world and we have real responsibilities we have to take care of, and also, I am the farthest one from a name it and claim it kind of girl–but in that moment of weakness for her I had the perspective through God’s help to build her faith.

I believe this is what this scripture talks about, not naming and claiming at all, but having Faith to see things differently. To gain the right perspective in every situation.

The Faith to believe God Loves us, That He hasn’t left us, That He knows every detail/concern of our lives and desires to make those perfect (Psalms 138:8). Faith to see that in the reality of every situation we can see God’s hand. For my friend, it was helping her to see that her rent was already paid that month, that her boys were healthy and she had a husband that not only adored them, but her too. That they had a huge family/church support system that was helping them with the “extras” – that was the Lord supplying in that situation.

Here is what is beautiful through all of this, from that lunch convo through today, she grabbed hold of how having the right faith perspective can change us for the good; that all good things come from God. Since then, she was promoted very quickly several times in her job. Her husband was able to stay home to love on their boys and save daycare costs. They have added 2 precious daughters to their family and are about to make a huge faith step and move across the country.

None of this is because of me, it’s because in that moment God used one phrase to catapult my friend’s life into a Faith Walk of depth and truth to hold on to. It was her choice to see life with a faith perspective. And she did.

Even in writing this devotional, I am compelled in my own life to remember that God has called me to a deeper faith walk and to have a Faith Perspective.

As a wife, mother of 4 girls, and an urban missionary church planter in Detroit, I need to hold on to that life is seeing things not always in reality, but with a Perspective of Faith. God’s word is true and He is the only one to bring us through whatever we are facing currently. Be encouraged my friend, no matter where you find yourself, have FAITH for the unseen things. The promises you haven’t seen yet, the dreams in your heart–choose to look up, rather than at your circumstances and gain the Faith Perspective in all you do.

Remember, that sometimes all it takes is you taking the hand of someone and helping them to see God’s hand in their life. Your encouragement can set them on a path that can forever change where they have been, and their perspective on where they are going. That is the goal, and always remember, Perspective is Key.

Krystal Bono

Pastor, Church Planter | Detroit, MI
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