What comes to mind with CHAOS, mass hysteria–what next?! Does it ever feel like sometimes you get a couple steps ahead, and then “BANG!” life happens and you fall three steps behind? I’ve recently felt like that, and have been struggling with an overwhelming sense of defeat. I try to get out of it, wake up with a more positive attitude that next day, but life just seems to come back and bog me down. Maybe you’ve felt the same way? With the news and media constantly hitting us, it’s hard not to.

But I’m here to tell you today that the place you’re standing in, that place of doubt and defeat, is not of God.

He didn’t create us to take on that persona, and certainly not to wallow in it. HE created us to be LIFE to those who have none, and those who don’t know what true LIFE really is. HE has equipped us to be shepherds to those that are lost and need direction; not be the ones who’ve lost our way.

The funny thing about all of this is that since I was a little girl, I knew God had set me aside for His work. I have believed in that calling for years now, always knowing that I was created for more. I get so frustrated sometimes thinking about how lackluster in our faith we can be as Christians. I mean, come on, he already gave us the equipment (Ephesians 4:11-12), we just aren’t using it.

So, as I ride this “struggle bus”, I have to laugh at myself–because I get in my own way!

I forget that He has given me the responsibility to teach and train others to walk in that calling. Lord forgive me for my doubt! Have you asked God lately to take away your insecurities? Your worry and fear? How about that chaotic schedule that seems to be self-inflicted? Have we really turned it ALL over to Him, or do we continue each day to hop on the bus of chaos and request a ticket for “woe-is-me” party of one?

It’s time! Time to take a stand for what you have been called to do.

It’s time to be set apart, to walk in that calling, to realize you were created for so much more. We are equipped with supernatural tools that are vital to the health and well-being of our congregations, that their lives too can become whole. We must lean on each other for stability and growth, for nourishment and love. All the while walking in the peace that passes understanding and joy that turns my sorrow into gladness.

My prayer for you, and myself, is that we walk in that equipment, training and divine plan know that the Lord above has it all under control.

Jessica Watson
Children’s Department Director
New Hope Fellowship | Greencastle, IN









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