Do you know what the odds are of you winning the Mega Million lottery in 2019?

Well according to a CNBC report it’s 1 in 302,000,000! You have better odds at:

      • Marrying a millionaire          – 1 in 215,000,000
      • Getting struck by lighting     – 1 in 100,000,000
      • Being elected president        – 1 in 320,600,000
Do you know what the odds are of you NOT finishing well in ministry?

Well it’s not as high as not winning the lotto but it’s still pretty high.

According to research done by J. Robert Clinton, from the leadership development department at Fuller Theological Institute, 80% of pastors never make it to what he calls “convergence.” That’s where our gifts, passions, temperament, and our life and ministry experiences all come together and we are living and leading out of our “sweet spot.”

Yep you heard right. 80%! That’s pretty high odds.

According to Clinton’s research, most pastors and Christian leaders either get stuck or get derailed in what he calls the Life Maturing Stage (the most critical stage in the life of a leader) and never make it to Convergence; the most fruitful and fulfilling season in the life of a leader. 

Let’s beat the odds.

I can’t give you a formula for winning the lottery in 2019 but I can give you an opportunity to beat the odds at getting stuck or getting derailed in ministry.

That’s exactly what this year’s Heartland District’s Leaders Advance Workshop is all about. It’s a one-day learning experience that will help you in your ongoing health and growth as a pastor and leader.

Some of the sessions in this one-day experience include:

    • 8 Indicators You’ve Possibly Plateaued & 5 Growth Barriers That Could Be Holding You Back
  • Learning the 6 Stages of Development In The Life of A Leader And Discovering How You Can Move Up and Into Your Next Stage
  • Learning How To Successfully Navigate Through Stage 4 – The Most Critical Stage In The Life of a Leader: The Stage That Makes Or Breaks A Leader
  • Learning the 5 Essential Elements To Moving Into Convergence and Setting Yourself Up For A Fruitful and Fulfilling Finish
So if you want to beat the odds here are three actionable items: 
  1. Put the Leaders Workshop date in your personal and church calendar NOW (Event Dates and Locations Below)
  2. Make this one-day event part of your plan for personal growth and an investment in your team’s growth
  3. Invite an area colleague and his/her team to this one-day event
March 19th – Indianapolis, IN
March 21st – Moline, IL
March 26th – Cedar Rapids, IA
March 28th – Minneapolis, MN

Registration and venue info will be coming soon, and I trust we will see you there!

Ken L Roberts,
On Behalf of the Heartland District Team

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