Within New Beginnings

Lisa Kipper - Children’s Pastor

New Nope | Moline, IL
It’s a season of new beginnings at the Kipper house. New grades and teachers for our kids, a new job for Daniel (my husband), new schedules to get accustomed to and a new direction for myself in the ministry God has given me.

All good things.

A new schedule, meaning I get to take all the kids to school and  have to leave the house by 7:30am when just last year that was Daniel’s joy to do while momma got a few extra Z’s and didn’t have to be to work until 9am! Anyone else NOT a morning person?! However, it has given me the chance to be present in their morning routine, and also to pray with them while driving to school (which some mornings blows my socks with the heart they have for people).

Daniel’s new job takes him from being with me everyday to only seeing him in the morning to say “Have a great day!” and the evening when “Babe! I’ve missed you!” comes out in the middle of a long hug and kiss that makes the kids squirm.

Then there’s my ministry.  My heart is being stretched in new places and for more people. It scares me, challenges me, and sometimes I find it so easy to sink back in to the overwhelming feelings of “this is too much change” or “I’m not the one for this”.

Psalm 145 challenged me the other day.

It’s a psalm of praising God for his greatness. At first it was like, “yay God you are good,” but after reading it again and again and circling all the things God is it turned into YES GOD! YOU ARE GOOD!”

He is God the King
He is Great & Highly Praised
He is Gracious
He is Compassionate
He is Good
He is Faithful
He is my Helper
He is Righteous
He Guards Me
He is Near
He Fulfills Desires
He Hears

My season of new beginnings may not sound like much to some but in my journey it’s all come at once and sometime it may all come at once for you. In the chaos and the stretching of change, my prayer for you is to remember that…

God is.

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