Prepare for His Shekhinah

Josue Rodriguez - Campus Pastor

New Hope Milan | Milan, IL
Reflecting on this past year, I can with full confidence say how blessed our family has been since moving to the Quad-Cities. For a little over a year now we have had the privilege to pastor a wonderful church in Milan, Illinois. We have a magnificent congregation that has welcomed us with open arms and have become family.

Now, going into my second year of full-time pastoral ministry one thing is pressing on my heart and conscious. I don’t just want to do Church! Meaning, showing up on Sunday sing a couple of worship songs, preach a sermon, and go home. To me this is just doing church and there is nothing supernatural about it.

I desire God’s Holy presence to indwell our sanctuary, our lives, and our city.

This led me to meditate on His Shekhinah. A word whose English transliteration from Hebrew means “dwelling or settling”; the dwelling or settling of the Devine Presence of God. This word is not specifically found in the Old Testament or New Testament. However, its description is found throughout the bible. Rabbis use the term to describe:
  • The presence of God among His people (Exodus 19:16-18; Exodus 40:34-38; 1 Kings 6:13)
  • The Glory of God dwelling in the Temple (2 Chronicles 7:1)
  • His dwelling in the mountain (Psalm 68:16-18; Joel 3:17)

Now that we have been redeemed by Christ we know that he dwells among His people (Rev. 21:3). Yet, I don’t see Azusa street revivals breaking out all over America.

People who are supernaturally touched and healed by God. An overflow of God’s Glory that impacts, transforms, and transcends cultures and generations. I want that! This generation wants that. I don’t want to do Normal; I want Supernatural overflow of God.

One of the first encounters with God’s Shekhinah is found in Exodus 3:2-5. It’s a story many pastors know. Moses tending to Jethro’s flock when the LORD appears to Moses as a burning bush. As Moses investigates this event the LORD tells Moses to remove his sandals because he was standing on Holy Ground. From this passage I can derive some points that will allow us to prepare for His Shekhinah.

I believe we are to prepare our hearts and minds for his overflow presence.

  1. What makes this Holy Ground?
    1. Moses has lived in the outskirts of Mt. Sinai for over 40 years. He is not aware of this being Holy ground which is why we walks straight to it. Upon his arrival he is asked “not to come any closer”. The ground became Holy because God’s presence was there. His Shekhinah.
  2. Why does God ask Moses to take off his sandals?
    1. By removing his sandals, he is acknowledging God’s Devine Presence. Just as we would bow down for earthly kings. Moses is in reverence to God’s Majesty (Hebrews 12:28). Do we acknowledge His Majesty?
    2. By removing his sandals, he is submitting to God’s Will. In Ancient Near Eastern culture shoes signified power, possession, and dominion (Psalms 8:6; Joshua 10:24). Are we willing to submit to His Will?
    3. By removing his sandals, he is humbling himself before God. I live because of Him in Him, not the other way around. I stop existing He still is. He stops existing and I never was (James 5:5-6). Will we humble ourselves before Him?

Are we preparing our hearts, minds, and souls for His Shekhinah? How amazing will it be when people walk into church and have their needs supernaturally met! To have a tangible experience with our LORD.

Not a manufactured experience but, a personal undeniable one. If this was easy, it wouldn’t even be a topic of conversation. However, I believe with full confidence that this generation will greet the Shekhinah of our LORD. Are we positioning ourselves to receive it?
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