A New Reality

Lisa Machen - Co-Pastor

Church of the Open Door | Clinton, IA

“Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.” So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him. Luke 5:10b,11

This is, of course, the account of Jesus calling His first disciples. I wonder what they thought fishing for people was going to look like. Did they believe it would be as exciting as this first experience? It has been twenty five years since my husband, Jim, and I set out for Bible College. But I can sill remember the sense of wonder and excitement about the adventure to which God was calling us.

I had no idea the amount of disillusionment that would need to happen before true ministry could begin.

As we start the second quarter of 2020, I looked back at what was spoken in the first quarter of our leader devotions because I love to see how God weaves life together:
  • January – Do Something Different by Dustin Black
  • February – What’s Next? by LaTanya Santiago
  • March – Prepare for His Shekhinah by Josue Rodriguez

I don’t think we could have come up with better lead ins to one another if we had planned it months ago!

I want to share about the subject of disillusionment. To be disillusioned can be a rude awakening, a loss of hope, disenchantment or to be freed from. If we follow Peter through the scripture from this first calling, to the miracle catch after the crucifixion we will see a move from illusion to disillusion, and a settling into reality.

Disruption can cause us to become disillusioned. The crucifixion of the Messiah was a disruption to the plan of Peter, and the other disciples.

Life as we know it has been turned upside down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These last few days have caused some disruption for all of us. Deception can take place because we are vulnerable. We have a choice at this point. Do we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us out of our illusion and bring a new measure of grace and truth into our lives through a new reality? Or do we choose to retain the illusion?

In John 21, we see after Jesus’ death, Peter has decided to go back to what he knew – fishing for fish. It was probably as comfortable as our favorite Hawkeye sweatshirt, and there was no shortage of companions. But, then Jesus showed up and instructed them to do things a different way. It was not until they were reaping the harvest that they realized Jesus was the one instructing them. Peter seemed eager to do whatever the Lord was telling them. He was in the boat, out of the boat and back in the boat.

The choice is ours. We can wait around for “shelter-in-place” orders to be removed; wait for the ten-or-less per gathering ban to be lifted, and go back to fishing the way we always have. However, this would be retaining the illusion. This would be us meeting our own need and self demand.

Our second option is to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us into a new reality. When we come out of illusion, by allowing ourselves to walk through disillusionment, we can live in true reality.

When we live in reality, our hope returns, and His kingdom comes. What are the new instructions the Lord is giving you? Are they just for this time? Or, are they His plan for the next great harvest? It is my prayer that the excitement of this new reality and the harvest at hand will drive us to a new level of obedience to Christ.
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