Importance of Soul-Friends

Ken L Roberts

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An Aha! Moment I Had This Week
That Might Help You

I was talking to my spiritual director on the phone last week and he said something to me that really, really helped. A light-bulb came on. One of those rare Aha! moments.

Dealing With Loneliness
I told him I had been dealing with a lot of loneliness lately. Some of it is self-inflicted. I'm an introvert and a loner by nature. Left to myself, I'd buy a cabin in the remote parts of Montana, walk in the woods during the day and sit by a fire in my cabin reading a good book at night.

Some of it is not. What I do as a leader has a lot to do with giving to others more than receiving for myself. Most of my relationships are a one-way street. I'm the one asked for ideas, advice, direction, leadership, care, etc. etc. etc. Seldom is the relationship reciprocal.

My Aha! Moment
But here's where the Aha! moment came in. I told my spiritual director that I had a lot of great colleagues in ministry, and some whom I'm very close to. But then he said it:

"Ken, there's a big difference between colleagues and soul-friends. Do you know who your soul-friends are?" 

Wow, that hit me...and it hit me hard. 

He went on to say, "Soul-friends are a sovereign thing. You need a few your age and a few a little older than you. But what's most important, you need soul-friends to grow old with!"

How About You? Do you just have colleagues or do you have a few true soul-friends?

Great question. If not, start asking God to bring them your way. And then watch what He does.

We are living and leading in a time like never before, and like never before we need, not only our colleagues, but we need true, deep, authentic, caring, mature soul-friends. They are key to staying healthy and staying on the path to finish well.

Living and Leading On Purpose,
Ken L Roberts |

PS. If anyone has a cabin in Montana for sale, give me a call!
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