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Dear Pastors,

Our hearts are grieved by the pain and unrest in our nation. You received an email message from our President Glenn Burris yesterday calling us to prayer and action. Please take time in your services this weekend to pray through the points provided that we, as one voice, call on the Prince of Peace to heal our land. Beyond this we are asking you to prayerfully consider how you and your church can engage in your community. We have attached to links with videos from Foursquare Leaders who each share their thoughts about how we can all be part of the solution.

Pastor Keith Jenkins
Click Here to view or download

Pastors Huey & Josh Hudson
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Foursquare Chaplains International Director,
Jason Reynolds

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There truly is something everyone can do! The church must lead in reconciliation, peace and grace confronting all injustice with the love of God. Consider how you can engage local ministers in your community, civic leaders, law enforcement officers, school administrators, business leaders, neighbors, etc. Bring people together to have open dialogue, grieve, hear each other’s story, and strategize solutions together. Let’s be the salt that preserves and the light that illuminates as we are called to be!

May we experience God’s great grace in these days,

Tammy Dunahoo
General Supervisor The Foursquare Church
213.989.4253 | tdunahoo@foursquare.org
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