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Randy Remington

Randy and his wife Sandy have been married for 31 years and have three adult sons. After serving churches in Stanwood, Washington and Everett, Washington, they have spent the last 17 years serving as the Lead Pastors of a vibrant, multi- ethnic, multi-generational and socio-economically diverse congregation in Beaverton, Oregon, which is focused on serving the community, planting churches, and actively engaging in world missions.

Randy is known for his practical teaching, humor, authenticity, and love for the people he serves. In May 2020, Randy was inaugurated as the Foursquare President of the U.S. Church.

Wendy Nolasco

Wendy is a leader, learner and passionate gatherer of people. Her deep love for Jesus and commitment to serve His plans and build His Church is what drives her. In one word, Wendy is a pioneer, called by God to take the lead for the expansion of the Good News of Jesus Christ, to multiply disciples, leaders, and communities of faith. She is a devoted wife to her husband Sal and mom to her three beautiful kids. Apart from ministry and family, Wendy is a life enthusiast and dedicated foodie.

Angie Richey

On Wednesday, July 31, 2019, the Life Pacific University Board of Trustees appointed Angela (Angie) Richey, Life Pacific alumna and former Vice President of Enrollment and Chief Communications Officer, to become the 11th president of Life Pacific University. Richey brings an expansive knowledge of the institution, higher education, and The Foursquare Church to this position. She is widely regarded as a gifted educator and future-focused innovator with a proven track record of adaptive leadership.

As a licensed MFT, she holds two master’s degrees, one in Education with a focus on Curriculum Design and Instruction and the other in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her Ph.D. work is in Counseling and Psychological Studies with a specialized concentration in Life Coaching from Regent University.

Angie currently serves as a member of the Foursquare Board of Directors and serves on the NextGen Sub-Committee of the National Church Committee. Angie with her husband founded the Gathering, a simple church network of house churches that continues strong after a decade. She has been married to business owner, pastor, and strategic executive coach, Lew Richey for 27 years, and they with two young adult children.



October 23rd | 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm CST


October 24th | 9 am - 11 am CST


October 24th | 9 am - 11 am CST

Sesión Hispana del HD

La visión - La misión - El llamado

La Sesión Hispana de la Conferencia del DH será vía Zoom el día sábado 24 de octubre a partir de las 9:00 a.m. hasta las 11 a.m. (Hora central).
La información para unirse a la llamada de Zoom:

Identificación de la reunión: 420 484 1141


Wendy Nolasco

Wendy es una líder, dedicada a aprender y apasionada de reunir a personas. Su profundo amor por Jesús y compromiso en servir Sus planes y edificar Su Iglesia son lo que la motivan. Wendy es una pionera, llamada por Dios a dirigir para la expansión de las Buenas Nuevas de Jesucristo, a multiplicar discípulos, líderes, y comunidades de fe. Ella es una dedicada esposa a su marido Sal y mamá a sus tres hermosos hijos. Aparte del ministerio y la familia, Wendy es una entusiasta de la vida y dedicada “foodie” (conocedora de comida).

Serafin y Alba Contreras

Serafín y Alva Contreras son Venezolanos y han servido 50 años en el ministerio como pastores, luego misioneros en Centro Y Sur America y Consejeros.

Alva Master en Consejeria de Doxa University. Serafín Doctor en Estudios Bíblicos de Master International University of Divinity de Indiana y Profesional Pastoral en Adicción Sexual, certificado por el Instituto Internacional del Trauma y Adicciones, Arizona. Ambos son Coach en Salud Mental de Light University. Miembros de la Asociación Americana de Consejeros Cristianos. AACC

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