HD School of Ministry is about leadership development, and selecting learning choices that fit your personal ministry interests.

Our vision is to create learning opportunities taught by qualified individuals with years of practical experience. They will take time to help you grow sound Biblical, theological, and practical skills you can take home, unpack, and put to use.

Our goal is to be accessible and affordable. Working together, we have decided to create learning venues geographically across the Heartland District as well as on-line without charging any tuition fees. How can we do this? It’s because our district leadership has made the decision to invest in you — its best resource! In turn, you will be able to re-invest what you have learned right back home in the lives of people that you care about and serve.

How Does It Work?

HD School of Ministry is designed to be offered on a monthly basis. Courses will be offered at a variety of geographic locations throughout the Heartland District. Each session will be available for participation in-person and online. All sessions will be recorded for future on-demand viewing.

Topics, schedule, and registration will be available through the district website and app. Certificates of Leadership Development will be offered to those completing at least 6 modules with short reading and writing components.

For more information, contact Dr. Michael Elmore at 319-721-3446 or hdistrictsom@gmail.com

Did you miss an event? Want to watch a previous event again?

Media from previous HD School of Ministry events are now available to watch, listen to or download via the button link below.